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There’s something about Hong Kong that attracts foreigners from all over the globe to register their businesses in Hong Kong; but what was it that made Hong Kong so attractive to RETRACTION Limited and makes it such an ideal place to set-up a business? The Wall Street Journal and the Heritage Foundation have referred to Hong Kong as the freest economy in the world. The simple tax system, an elite location with tremendous transportation, highly developed communications, and free circulation of goods allows businesses of all industries to succeed and flourish.

Easy Business Set-up for Foreign Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Unlike many other countries who put a lot of restrictions on foreigners to open a business, Hong Kong welcomes foreign entrepreneurs and business owners to develop their businesses and provides them with the tools to grow successfully with little stress in the registry process of the business.

Solid Infrastructure Facility Protects Businesses to Develop Efficient Business Operation

The Hong Kong infrastructure is second-to-none and makes the city an easy place to live and work. Hong Kong’s air and sea transport facilities provide world class service for all, so shipping, logistics and freight forwarding services are easy to find and high quality.

Part of what makes Hong Kong so attractive is its ideal location. Located in the Asia-Pacific region, Hong Kong has highly advanced telecommunication infrastructure that allows for cost effective communications.


A Simple Tax System That Permits Maximum Earnings and Minimum Costs

Believe it or not, Hong Kong has some of the lowest tax rates in the world. Complimented a simply tax system, the low tax rates make Hong Kong highly appealing to business start-ups.

A Fair and Transparent Legal System

Hong Kong’s legal system favours the business environment by providing fair business surroundings at all times.

A Free Economy Means

Hong Kong is recognized as one of the world’s most liberal economic systems and, due to its free trade policy, lack of trade barriers, and no limit to foreign onshore and offshore investments, capital can readily flow. There are no tariff quotas or fees for general import and export trade, so moving goods through Hong Kong couldn’t be easier.