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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a global leadership position in all types of large organ and tissue retraction, led by our initial focus on obesity.

About REVEEL & Retraction

RETRACTION Limited recognizes the challenges posed by the global obesity crisis. It is our mission to make a dramatic improvement in large organ retraction and in other staid areas of surgery.

Our strength lies in our unique blend of skills and experience. Our mix of global talents combines UK and US progressive device design with HK leading-edge manufacturing.

This rare combination ensures that we deliver innovative, high quality devices that really improve patient outcomes and surgeon satisfaction.

We are passionate about confronting the orthodox and relish working with surgeons and OR staff who are of a similar mind.

Who We Are...

Founded by three innovative individuals, RETRACTION Limited is making a difference in the field of laparoscopic and endoscopic instrumentation.

Stuart Moran, Founder, CEO and Managing Director

Stuart has over twenty years experience in designing and developing mechanical, hand-held devices. He is talented leader and engineer who has focused his experience on developing highly successful, user-friendly devices that provide significant patient and user benefits. He is a serial entrepreneur, was a founder of Surgical Innovations – the UK-based surgical device company – played a pivotal role in the development of USGI Medical’s commercial products, and is one of the original founders of RETRACTION Limited.

Stuart has substantial expertise in international business and specializes in working with “boutique” distributors who understand local markets and how best to position our products.

He is the recipient of The Royal Academy of Engineering’s Silver Medal, which recognizes an outstanding and demonstrated personal contribution to UK engineering.

John Cox, Chairman

John is the former COO at USGI Medical and now President and CEO at FRESCA Medical. He specializes in medical device concept, design and development, particularly in the fields of general and minimally invasive surgery. He is a sales, marketing and business development guru and has substantial experience in licensing and intellectual property management. In more recent times he has been heavily involved in the strategic management and enjoys being involved in Venture Capital startups.

Benjamin Chan, Director

Benjamin’s strong manufacturing background emanates from his family history of manufacturing in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. He is founder and Managing Director of MediConcepts.
Benjamin integrates a strong, successful entrepreneurial background with extensive engineering, financial, and legal expertise. He has assisted numerous medical device start-up companies to realize their ideas by providing cost effective manufacturing solutions and extensive project management know-how, resulting in a number of these businesses being acquired by world-renown brands.